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Black Turmeric
Natural and high-quality Black Turmeric is available with unmatched health benefits. This is provided in pure form with no chemicals and fertilizers to offer the best results.  

Rattan Cane Stick
100% natural and original Rattan Cane Stick is available with flexible staff. This sturdy stick can easily withstand the effects of beating, heat, pressure and bending. 
Broom Grass
Strong, natural and high-quality Broom Grass is available for making the best brooms. In addition, it is also used for feeding livestock, providing fuel wood, etc. 
Fresh Ginger
Fresh Ginger is rich in high nutritional values and aroma ensuring to add quality of the delicacies. It is available with unmatched taste and freshness to impart the best flavors to soups, vegetables, and other cuisines.
Polished Rice

Polished Rice has more fiber and protein. 100% natural and organic. It boosts the body's energy and strength. This is renowned for being healthy. As a result, it is also helpful for weight management. This is very much liked and widely used by people, in the market. 

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